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There are some whose life's calling is clearly evident from the moment they take their first breath. 2009 Stellar Award Nominee Terrell Hunt is certainly an individual who falls into this category. Emerging from a family overflowing with singers, choral conductors, musicians, songwriters, studio engineers, producers, recording artists and even pastors, his musical gifts began to unfold at the age of 4. It wasn't long after his first solo "I'm So In Love With Jesus", performed at the Bladensburg Seven Day Adventist (SDA) Church where he grew up, that little "Terry" began sharing the stage and rolex replica sale ministering with gospel greats Vickie Winans, Karen Clark-Sheard, Daryl Coley, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, BeBe Winans, Marvin Sapp, Vanessa R. Williams, Beverly Crawford, Tramaine Hawkins, El Shaddai, Henry McKenzie Davis and many others.   With a calling on his life and a burning desire in his heart, Terrell's purpose has always been and will continue to be to offer sincere praise and worship to God with the deepest commitment. His awe-inspiring array of gifts and talents are becoming apparent to the world with the debut release of his new CD, "Awesome."

With his God inspired gifts, Terrell, was propelled into singing in his church's adult choir and ultimately, internationally. With his mother's support and encouragement, he traveled extensively performing concerts across the globe. He was blessed with several golden opportunities, especially for one so young, to record with his world renowned pastor, Wintley Phipps , along with the New Genesis Gospel Choir and the gospel choir of the Capitol Hill SDA Church in Washington, DC on Pastor Phipps' CD project "The Sun Will Shine Again".   Hunt was featured on the track, "Forgiven."   During that time, Terrell became a member and lead vocalist for the D.C. Boys Choir under the direction of Ann Foster , with whom he performed the African National Anthem for and replica watches uk shook hands with Nelson Mandela during his visit to Washington, DC - a true life-changing experience for Terrell.

As a young solo artist coming into his own, Terrell has accomplished much including singing duets with Vickie Winans and Karen Clark-Sheard for the very popular Evangel Cathedral Christmas Production (located in Largo, MD). Another career-shaping experience was Terrell's opportunity to share co-starring roles with Daryl Coley, Joey Kibble of the GRAMMY Award winning group Take 6, Paul Heflin , and Monique Steele in the ImpAct multimedia gospel musical stage play "War Games."   "Over the years, I've had the privilege to meet and perform with some of Gospel's finest," recounts the artist.   "God has placed me on some platforms I never even dreamed of."

Terrell's ministry has now matured into a full-grown Levitical movement for the enrichment and advancement of God's Kingdom.   It was after songs started "coming" to him, that he realized the enormity of the calling upon his life. " When I was 19 or 20, songs started coming to me out of the blue.

There would be a whole song - a verse, the chorus - if there was a bridge, I would get the bridge - and a vamp.   I would go to the bible and rolex replica sale pick a verse out and write about it.   It was all coming straight from God. When I had the opportunity to sing my first original song, I truly understood that music ministry was something that God had called me to," recalls Hunt.

Ordained Music Minister, Worship Leader, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Vocal Coach and Music Ministry Leadership Training Consultant are just some of the many hats worn by Terrell today. But his main focus, chief joy and love is ministering to the people of God through music ministry. It is his goal to create an atmosphere conducive to usher the people of God into His presence.

To this end, Terrell's long-awaited first solo recording project of original Praise and Worship music, "Awesome" released on the RichEscape Music label in the summer of 2007.   A breathtaking collection of original songs from the psalmist and artist, the debut took the industry by storm. Songs like the project's title tune and the bubbly track, "This Is The Day" beckon to be sung in choir stands nationwide. Other great songs such as the Sunday morning "Worship The Lord", the reflective "Declaration of Holiness" and the incredibly-moving, "Glorify Your Name" is surely introducing the ministry of Terrell Hunt to thousands of new fans.   The project was played on stations all across the country, distributed nationally through Edmondson Communications, Inc.   In February 2008, Hunt made his national television debut on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel to an audience of cheering fans.   In October 2008, Terrell Hunt received a 24th Annual Stellar Award Nomination in the coveted category of "New Artist of the Year".   In addition, Hunt was among those named as a Stellar Award "Fan Favorite".   He also performed on the Stellar Awards in January 2009.

Terrell is also the Founder and CEO of NuPsalms Productions--an organization providing assistance in songwriting, vocal and music ministry production and ministry training. In addition, Terrell serves as the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Talented Young People Moving On (TYPMO) - a non-profit youth program with a powerful and proactive mission to provide foundational development for the advancement of "at risk" youth seeking career opportunities in the performing arts. With a spirit-led passion for helping youth, Terrell, recently, launched ArtWorks Academy, a performing arts and music industry training organization geared toward serving the youth of the greater Washington DC/Metropolitan Area. Terrell continually strives to be one who reflects purity and integrity at a level rare in today's music industry.

More than any of these, Terrell strives daily to be a man after God's own heart, living in His presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   His most sincere beliefs are in a "lifestyle of worship." He professes that he cannot lead the people of God to a place he has never been himself. Terrell proclaims, "That's why it's important for me to live daily in the presence of God. My relationship with my creator is the lifeline of my ministry and career. Fads fade but lifestyle and relationship are eternal. Most importantly, if you don't remember anything else about me, know that I'm a child of God saved by grace, signed, sealed and delivered, and sold out completely for Him and His kingdom building."