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A native Washingtonian talent renowned for his God given musicianship, from an early age Terrence Richburg has amazed audiences with his adaptable, authenticated style and "smooth" delivery.   He has performed throughout the country and is characterized by his peers as "The Quincy Jones of gospel," "a musician's musician," and "a producer's producer."   Although he's played with such artists as Richard Smallwood & Vision, Maurette Brown Clark, Vanessa R. Williams, Marcus Johnson, Alyson Williams, Cee Cee Michaela, Yolanda Adams, Aretha Franklin, The Winans, Jennifer Holliday, Tramaine Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, Isaiah Thomas, James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar , and many others, he proclaims accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior is his most significant life accomplishment.

"My parents were very influential in my musical upbringing," says Richburg.   "They recorded three albums on Atlantic Records and were known as The Richburg Singers.   So my life was always surrounded by music."   He found himself drawn to the various sounds of instruments, rhythms and musical styles. He started playing and composing at the age of 8, honing his chops on the piano, then the guitar.   Still interested in exploring everything music had to offer, he took to the bass guitar and then to the drums.   His professional Music Industry experience began at age 13, as lead guitarist for the popular gospel television show "Spread a Little Sunshine" house band and musician for prodigy singing group, The Ed Gerald Sounds, which regularly appeared on the program and performed around the country.

After starting to play professionally, he received his formal musical training from McKinley Technical High School and Catholic University in Washington, DC where he majored in Music Composition.   He's grateful for the education he received, but he admits that his greatest teachers have been his parents, family, and countless performances with artists of a wide spectrum of musical styles ranging from sacred choral to rock, from BeBop to "Funk" and R & B.  Strong strains of jazz are apparent in his music and he credits a relative for that influence.   "When it came to jazz, it was my aunt, popular jazz singer Ronnie Wells, who introduced me to jazz," says Richburg.   "I started playing on demos for her.   From that whole experience, it really pushed me into what I knew I really wanted to do."

While working with his aunt, he found himself inspired by the vastness of musical expression and diverse tonalities.   Another family member was also instrumental in the formation of Terrence's unique sound.   Later, he began working with his elder brother, Dehrric, in the group, RICHES, a jazz-fusion trio they formed together.   He began pursuing replica watches sale music with a passion and even mastered the art of self-instruction, the basis for his unique style and creative approach to the many instruments he plays.   He is never satisfied with just presenting music as originated but rather chooses to dig deeper and discover new and innovative treasures lying just beneath the obvious notes and rhythms.

Richburg is a prolific composer, lyricist, writer, poet, vocalist, arranger, orchestrator, producer, director, pianist, keyboardist, electric and acoustic guitarist, percussionist, 4/5/6/7-string bassist, recording engineer and the list goes on.   He's written, produced, and performed music soundtracks for several aerobics videos, theme songs and music beds for local radio stations and jingles for major corporations, including D.C.'s WYCB and Heaven 1580, as well as Marriott.  He's also been called on as a Musician/Musical Director for theater and musical productions including "Lord I'm Coming Home," "Dream Girls," "The Wiz," "Ain't Misbehavin!" "Wait 'Til the Fat Lady Sings," "God's Trombones," and "City at Peace," along with other replica watches sale events such as the Washington Performing Arts, music award shows, AIDS and Cancer fundraisers, benefits for "Katrina" and "Tsunami" victims, and many other prestigious events.

On the horizon, Richburg has much to look forward to.   He was the Executive Producer, Production Team Supervisor, Producer, Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitarist, Percussionist, and Vocal Arranger/Arrangements Consultant on the 2009 Stellar Award-nominated Praise and Worship CD by Minister Terrell Hunt entitled "Awesome" , which released on the RichEscape Music label in the summer of 2007.   Fans will also be able to catch Richburg as piano soloist and 7-string bassist on the double-CD entitled "My All" planned for release on the RichEscape Music label in 2010. In addition, Richburg will be dropping a new release, also in 2010, "Intimacy". The musical release will be accompanied by a book on the same topic.   Inspirational duo R&R , consisting of Terrence and musical partner Howard Riley, Jr. , are planning their sophomore CD release entitled "Completion" also on the RichEscape Music label in 2011.   A new R&R Christmas CD is planned to hit store shelves in late fall of 2011.   Richburg serves as Minister/Director of Music and musician at the Bethesda Baptist Church of Washington, D.C.

In releasing several personal and collaborative "inspirational/gospel jazz" and "prayer and praise" CD projects under his own rolex replica uk production company/record label (RICHESCAPE MUSIC) which feature his performance on essentially all instrumentation and vocals, the most recent being R&R's, "Ascension," he ultimately strives to minister to the hearts of people through a multiplicity of musical expressions, reach audiences with fresh sounds for the soul, and inspire listeners to journey with him to uncharted musical depths and heights.